Rev. Ben Milnersenior pastor (on sabbatical)
Rev. Austin Pfeifferassociate pastor
Katy Abbott, ministry coordinator
Laura Best
, children's coordinator
Ben Harris, pastoral intern

:: Elders ::

Our elders are the spiritual shepherds of our congregation.  Their tasks include praying with people, deciding pressing issues for the church, teaching, and counseling.

Rev. Ben Milnersenior pastor, moderator of session
Travis Lintner, clerk of session (for clerk business, email here)
Rev. Austin Pfeifferassociate pastor
Cooper Carter
Chris Culler
Ben Warner
Jack Wilkerson
Matt Williams

Daniel Paul (sabbatical)
Steve Kearns (sabbatical)

::Servant Leaders::

Our Servant Leaders are critical to the work and function of Salem.  Their tasks include budget formation, local and global giving, our mercy fund, and our adoption fund.  If you have a mercy fund request, please email servantleaders@salempresws.org.

Hayes Wauford
Ryan Aubuchon
Anne Glenn
Mark Easterling
Sara English
Beth Fisher
Denise Hiller
Sean McNamara
Donny Wilson

Paul Windley (sabbatical)
Daniel Umlauf (sabbatical)